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David Michael Ryan Attorney at Law - Houston Texas

David Michael Ryan & Associates is an aggressive general practice law firm dedicated to effectively servicing client needs. Clients of David Michael Ryan & Associates tend to emphasize needs in the areas of criminal law, family law, immigration law, and commercial litigation. Our current client list includes Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, charities, trade missions, and individuals.

David Michael Ryan and our other attorneys regularly appear in state and federal courts through out Texas and the Southwestern United States. Services are offered in a variety of languages in order to accommodate the needs of our clients. None of the attorneys and staff at David Michael Ryan & Associates are native born US citizens. Every member of the firm is fluent in English (most speak with no accent) and at least one other language to better assist our clients. This is important to understanding cultural and cross cultural differences that often arise and lead to the need for legal services.

David Michael Ryan was born in Germany and has practiced law since 1993. David Michael Ryan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Texas, and a Juris Doctor from the South Texas College of Law, where he attended law school on a full scholarship. David Michael Ryan is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and the United States federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, and has appeared in courts throughout the country.

David Michael Ryan has been involved in numerous cases reported widely in the mainstream media, as well as media that serve non-English speaking communities in the United States. This includes winning an appeal from the denial of an asylum application by US Immigration, defeating lawsuits on contracts worth several million dollars, and numerous acquittals in criminal cases. David Michael Ryan has also taught law at various times over the past fifteen years.

In 2004, David Michael Ryan was named special prosecutor in East Texas, which lead to several indictments of the sitting District Attorney, police officers, and other government officials. Trial of these matters is still pending. David Michael Ryan is qualified to represent defendants in death penalty cases, and at this writing has never had a client sentenced to death.

On March 14, 2006, David Michael Ryan successfully secured an acquittal for a defendant originally charged with the capital murder of a child in Polk County, Texas.

David Ryan & Associates is located in the Wells Fargo Bank Tower near the Southwest Freeway and Hillcroft in Houston, Texas. 

Various fee arrangements are available to suit the unique situations of each client. Please contact us so that we may discuss your needs.

David Michael Ryan & Associates
6161 Savoy Drive, Suite 1116
Houston, TX 77036
Tel: 713-223-9898
Fax: 713-223-8448

Telephones are answered 24 hours a day, and include dedicated lines for clients who speak:

713.223.9898   English
713.784.8788   Chinese (Mandarin)
713.541.3100   Korean
713.334.7348   Spanish
713.457.0930   Vietnamese